Less data entry. More happy customers.

The all-new Microsoft Dynamics CRM has redefined CRM from a simple data capture and contact management software to an outcome driven and intuitive system that will allow your business to become more productive.

The system is designed so that you have everything you need all in one place – easy navigation, no pop ups, and a cleaner, faster, process-driven user interface. You can get your job done quicker helping you to focus on creating amazing customer experiences.

Increase Sales Productivity. Sell More.

Customers today are increasingly well-informed and often make buying decisions before they even engage. They are constantly searching product reviews online and gathering feedback from others. Give your sales team the right tools to adapt to this rapidly changing consumer market.
  • Real-Time Insights

    Drive business performance in order to make better decisions with real-time and actionable insights. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you’ll have instant visibility into your sales pipeline wherever you are and on any device.

  • Mobile

    Take advantage of new mobile applications for iPad and Windows 8 tablets. With CRM for Mobile, your sales team can stay productive on-the-go, have access to important information, and close deals wherever they are.

  • Enhance Collaboration

    Allow your sales representatives to sell as a team. With Dynamics CRM, they can work together across multiple teams and geographies and easily share critical competitive information in real time helping them sell more effectively.

  • Social

    With Microsoft Social Listening, you can turn sentiment into opportunity. Quick access to social data will help your sales team with lead generation and allow them to manage relationships with existing and potential customers.

  • Attract and Keep More Customers.

    Enhance your marketing efforts with more personalized and relevant information. Dynamics CRM helps you market smarter by giving you the tools you need to better understand your customers, create innovative and highly targeted marketing campaigns, and easily measure your Return on Investment (ROI).

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  • Understand Your Customers

    Each customer has a different set of preferences, behaviors and buying patterns. Dynamics CRM delivers these critical insights helping your marketing team create more relevant and targeted campaigns that your customers will care about.

  • Strengthen Relationships

    Keep your existing customers happy. By gaining a deeper understanding of your customers, you can deliver a more personal experience at every touch point. You’ll strengthen your relationships, delight customers, and increase loyalty.

  • Engage Customers

    Your customers are using social media now more than ever. Track engagement across all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.).

  • Lead Scoring

    Behavioral data and advanced lead scoring helps you understand how your customers are engaging with your company which allows you to deliver highly qualified leads straight to your CRM.

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  • Empower Your Agents. Build Customer Loyalty.

    We all know how important loyal customers are to your business. They are profitable and can act as brand ambassadors by spreading the word and referring others to your company. A customer’s experience can determine whether they will be a loyal customer for life or if they are going to run to your closest competitor. Increase retention and keep your customers happy by providing amazing customer experience each time.

  • Empower Your Agents

    Dynamics CRM’s Unified Service Desk is an application designed for call centers that allows your agents to handle multiple interactions all at once, automates repetitive tasks, and displays important scripts which increase efficiency and helps your agents provide a more personalized service.

  • Efficient Service Resolution

    By enabling dynamic routing and queuing, your agents can exceed customer expectations through seamless, multichannel coordination. Dynamics CRM will allow you to track all conversations documents, contacts, and follow-ups allowing your agents to easily resolve issues.

  • Effective Case Management

    Improve case resolution, decrease response times, and increase customer self-service with Knowledge Base. It delivers instant and accurate information directly within CRM helping your agents quickly find the right answers increasing productivity and reducing overall handle time.

  • Microsoft Partner Network

    Microsoft Dynamics is sold and implemented through the Global Partner Network. Atum is a certified Microsoft Partner delivering local knowledge, industry-specific expertise, and add-on solutions customized to meet your unique business needs. We’ll get you up and running quickly and easily.

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