• Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Experience Overview

    In this video, you’ll see a preview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s new user interface. It’s cleaner, faster, and more intuitive helping you become more efficient.  You’ll see new elements such as the touch enabled navigation model, a new version of the customer record, a new command bar and more.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Process Overview

    This video demonstrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM’S new agile process guidance that allows businesses to easily respond to a rapidly changing environment. You’ll see how CRM has been transformed from a data capture system to one that is outcome driven and guides your sales team from Lead to Close.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Tablets

    Build and strengthen relationships on-the-go with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets. In this video, you will see how mobile applications will keep sales teams connected to important data, other team members, and customers. You can get your work done anywhere and anytime.

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  • Microsoft Partner Network

    Microsoft Dynamics is sold and implemented through the Global Partner Network. Atum is a certified Microsoft Partner delivering local knowledge, industry-specific expertise, and add-on solutions customized to meet your unique business needs. We’ll get you up and running quickly and easily.

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