CRM Tip: Delete a Personal View

        Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 allows you to view data in many different ways. By creating “Personal Views”, you will have quick access to the information you need displayed exactly how you want it.

        There are two types of views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

        System Views

        • “System Views” are public and configured by the System Administrator. All Users of the system can see these views.

        Personal Views

        • “Personal Views” are configured by the Users themselves and are only available to them. Users also have the option to share these views with other users.

        The following will show you how to Delete a Personal View in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

        Let’s say you previously created a Personal View to see all leads in CRM that are from the Wholesale Industry. Later on, that view becomes irrelevant to you and you now want to remove it.

        Click on the “More Commands” button which looks like three dots, and Click on “Advanced Find”

        The “Advanced Find” window will pop up. Click on “Saved Views” located on the left side of the window.

        You will see a list of all the personal views you’ve saved. Click on the saved view that you want to delete.

        In this example, we are deleting a saved view of leads from the Wholesale Industry. A check mark should appear on the left of it. Click “Delete Saved View”

        It will then ask you to confirm deletion. Once that’s done, you should no longer see this saved view.

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