Can Your Business Get TOO Big?

        Think of the WORST possible hazard to your business. 

        Is it…

        • Losing money?
        • Getting beat out by your competitor?
        • Losing customers and large accounts?
        • Coffee machine malfunction?

        What about…growth?

        Let me explain. What happens when you outgrow your infrastructure? For example, there may come a time when you will outgrow your office space and need to move on to a bigger and more appropriate location. You may even outgrow your ability to supply a product or service. With increased traffic to your website and orders coming in, it won’t take long for you to run out of server space and find yourself scrambling for another data storage solution. Customers don’t have patience for downtime or slow response, they will go elsewhere at any sign of inefficiency.

        Growth is scary – what are you doing to get ready for it?

        There’s a word we ‘Cloud-folk’ like to throw around, and that is: Scalability. Webster’s Dictionary describes scalability as a: “system capable of being easily expanded or upgraded on demand”. Call it a flexible system that is built to expand based on your incremental or overnight success. Pre-planning and ensuring your company is scalable means your business will never crash into a glass ceiling or reach a plateau.

        The scalability issue is one of the main reasons people are starting to embrace the idea of ‘the Cloud’. A recent poll conducted by the reveals that 71% of CTO’s asked would say scalability and the capability to adjust to resource demands  was the number 1 reason to adopt cloud computing.  A number that large speaks volumes about the value of utilizing the capacities of the Cloud in your own business – large or small. Remember, there’s always room for growth. Ask any entrepreneur; whether they are working out of a home office or the owner of Facebook – there is no ceiling.

        Don’t fear ‘out-growth! Adopt a system that will virtualize your servers, hardware and data – growing at the speed of your success.

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