Atum’s take on creating an online community

        Atum puts their customers above all. We pride ourselves on our unusually high retention rate and can’t stress enough that customer loyalty is the key to success. Essentially, especially with smaller marketing budgets, customer loyalty comes from building online communities and can be a richly rewarding experience. It relates back to engaging in social media and building a successful social media community.

        Here are some tips on community building:  

        Who’s your community manager?
        If you’re going to be active in social media, you need a face to your brand and someone who will dedicate themselves to representing your brand in a positive manner in the digital space and beyond.

        Do you use the platform through which your members are most familiar with?
        If you are a musician trying to promote your music, then MySpace is a website for you. If you’re an IT company, then that doesn’t seem like the right fit. Your audience must be fully engaged and comfortable in the space that you are trying to reach them – don’t direct your audience to a different platform just because you’re comfortable with using it.  

        Does your community offer value?
        Don’t make it a one way street only feeding news about yourself to the members. It’s called community for a reason, so make you feature community members and issues important to the members as much as you do about the organization and issues important to you.

        Do you have personal relationships with the influencers?
        Who is the most active in your community and what have you done to reward them? In order to gain authority, you must present value and sometimes that means providing something above ordinary to the top participants.  

        Do you allow room for debates?
        If you’ve never received any negative feedback, that means you’re not doing something right and are not well known enough.

        Do you see value in each member?
        Sure having 100, 000 fans on Facebook is great but do you find ways to recognize them individually? Whether it’s replying back to their posts or running contests, recognition is important for encouragement.

        Do you encourage your members to tell their friends?
        The whole premise of running communities is in hopes that your members will tell their friends. Word of mouth is not a new concept and this strategy truly does work

        Do you empower your members?
        Sometimes, you need to hand over control to the members and allow them to make decisions. Running personalized contests where members can create advertisements or graphics for the website or campaigns (see Doritos) works great.  Increasing member involvement also increases loyalty and level of activity.

        Atum has been lucky enough to have such a wonderful following of friends through various social media platforms. And trust us, our friends like Helio really do tell their friends!

        Best of luck!


        1. Hi Marina,

          That’s good news, I’d love to have some more details. Who’s going to be the community manager? Will it be a self hosted solution? What will be the plus value for members? When will it be launched?

          Congratulations for the initiative.

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