4 Reasons to Buy Microsoft Licensing VIA Atum CSP Store

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Have you decided to buy a Microsoft product but aren’t sure where to start? Regardless of whether you are buying Dynamic 365, Office 365, PowerBI Pro, Windows 10, Exchange Online or other similar Microsoft products. We have 4 compelling reasons to get them through the CSP Store at https://store.atum.com

#1 – Cost

The primary channels organizations purchase from are Microsoft partners, distributors, Microsoft direct or CSP partners. CSP is the new licensing model that Microsoft released which they are encouraging everything to transact through. CSP enables you to buy the same products you would typically buy from Microsoft Direct (such as Dynamics 365 Online) but for far cheaper through a CSP partner.

Most CSP partners consist of a variety of tiers. A tier 1 partner receives the best price but typically will sell to other organizations which then resell the licenses again as a tier 2 partner. Atum is one of the few Canadian Tier 1 partners that sell directly to organizations or end users at the same mark up a tier 2 partner would buy at!

Buying through the Atum Store  will guarantee you the best price. There is also exclusive discounts running only through CSP to further entice customers to purchase through the CSP channel. An example is the current SMB Sales Enterprise promotion for $48.60/user per month while the regular price is $115.50/user per month! Link to Sales Enterprise SMB License HERE

We encourage our customers to shop around, we are that confident in our pricing and support!

#2 – Support

Depending on the product, it can be difficult to choose which package is right for you. When you look at the more complex offerings such as Dynamics 365, you have individual apps, plans, SMB promotions, team member users and more.

Atum offers free licensing support regardless of whether you purchase through the Atum store or somewhere else. It is integral to understand your long term roadmap to make sure you acquire the license that will service the short and long term organizational goals.

Atum offers implementation assistance through either projects or support buckets. A project is a turnkey implementation where the partner will provide everything you need to get up and running including analysis of your business, system design, configurations and finally training. You can opt for a simple project such as Atum Rapid Deploy ($2,975) or a larger custom implementation.

Think you have what it takes to do it yourself but want someone standing by “just in case”? After purchasing a bucket of hours, you can phone/email or run a session with an expert. The hours purchased are valid for 12 months and can be used for configuration, training and more.


#3 – Administrator Portal

Once you have your instance online and running, you need to be able to seamlessly manage it. Atum is proud of being the first CSP store to allow instant purchase online, add users to an existing subscription or cancel.

Additionally, you will have full access to the feature rich Microsoft Online Service portal where you can administer your users and gain valuable insight into usage statistics.


#4 – Flexibility

Let’s face it, sometimes change is needed and one of the benefits of buying Microsoft is an international partner channel. It’s important to consider the ability to move your license or partner provider before purchasing. Some partners will sell what is called service provider licensing or SPLA – this requires you stay hosted within their environment. This makes it difficult and expensive to move all your configurations elsewhere.

Everything purchased through the Atum store is hosted within Microsoft’s data center, the same service you receive if you purchase directly through Microsoft’s website – just cheaper! You have complete freedom and portability to choose whichever implementation partner you wish. You can even transfer your licenses to a different CSP provider outside of any agreed upon contract of course

Lastly, if you already own a Microsoft online product but want to start buying through Atum Store – no problem! Give us a call to connect your existing tenant to our store in one button click and start enjoying huge savings! Contact us over chat, or by emailing sales@atum.com with questions! Check out the Atum CSP Store at https://store.atum.com