Atum Launches TUF Competition Series

        The Geeks at Atum are leaving the comforts of their datacentre to compete in a ‘Totally Unfair Fight’ (TUF) Competition this weekend.

        Our finest Geeks are battling against Toronto’s Finest (The Police) in a Tug of War throwdown at the 129th Annual Toronto Police Games, hosted by the Toronto Police Amateur Athletics Assoc. (TPAAA) infront of thousands at the Rogers Centre in Toronto!

        Why? Atum created the online campaign ‘Totally Unfair Fights’ (TUF  Competition) in order to get involved with local charities, and generate online donation and interaction from our community. We have put up a brand spanking new website where you can watch videos of the events, meet the Geeks, read more about the charities we are ‘fighting’ for, and cheer us on through social media!

        Check it out, and join the TUF network at

        Our first Totally Unfair Fight will raise money for the Toronto Police Widows and Orphans Fund – supporting the families of Policemen and women in times of loss since 1954. In every city, these men and women risk their lives to keep our families safe every day. We want to show our appreciation for their dedication by supporting THEIR families in times of need.

        The TPWOF is a worthy cause that relies on community support. Please join the campaign, all donations from go directly to the Fund.

        Watch the videos! Share the campaign! Get involved!

        Go to , and follow us at

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