Atum joins Green Enterprise Ontario

        Atum is proud to announce our partnership with Green Enterprise Ontario! GEO is Ontario’s leading business association that works to build a greener, more sustainable economy for Ontario and beyond. The organizations partners and members focus on people, profits and the planet while at the same time allowing to:

        • Lower our costs through savings on human, material and energy inputs.
        • Increase revenues by adding new markets and improving margins.
        • Improve our reputation and brand in the marketplace.
        • Enhance the company’s image with customers, the community and other key stakeholders.
        • Reduce financial and legal risk by improving regulatory compliance.
        • Attract, retain and motivate the best employees. 

        Some of the ways GEO pursue their vision and environmental commitment is through:

        • Providing Ontario based businesses with the education, programs and tools they need to develop their own sustainable business;
        • Educating and encouraging consumers, businesses and governments to purchase sustainably produced goods and services;
        • Ensuring that all members of Ontario’s business community, regardless of size, geography or budget, have access to the best tools, services, grants and financing opportunities needed to build a sustainable business; 
        • Enhancing the brand value of sustainable businesses;
        • Working with all levels of government to introduce policies and programs that foster a more sustainable business environment;
        • Channelling consumer investment to businesses committed to improving their level of sustainability;
        • Expanding  services and geographic influence through the ongoing development of (a) strategic partnerships and (b) a network of affiliate offices across Ontario. 

        GEO’s vision:
        A sustainable society that balances the pillars of people (social equity), the planet (a healthy environment) and the economy (long-term prosperity), and commits to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

        Atum’s and green enterprise ontario’s visions are closely aligned and we are proud to be a member of the organization! In addition, Atum is also currently on the board of advisors for the organization. Atum is proud to represent the IT industry on GEO’s board of advisors that involves a meet ups to evaluate industry trends and to discuss ways to increase awareness of how environmental decision making can be added to businesses.

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