Atum Introduces New SAN Solution!

        Atum is excited to announce that High Availability solutions are here!

        As part of our continued mission to provide the most robust VPS hosting offerings, we are allowing our customers to buy SAN space as an addition to an existing VPS or to purchase the SAN storage option as a stand alone.

        Let’s talk a little bit about SAN… What are the Benefits? Why Do you Need it? What’s the Big Deal?

        SAN (Storage Area Network) is a network of storage disks. A SAN connects multiple servers to a centralized pool of disk storage which allows for faster speeds, high availability options, and instant scalability.

        Larger companies, or companies experiencing rapid growth are finding that storage options that fit their requirements can be expensive and an IT nightmare to resolve. SAN is a simple way to increase speeds and performance within a reasonable price point. Particularly if you are adding SAN storage to an existing VPS solution – the add-on process is painless, and you’ll see a noticable difference in performance.

        This new option will give customers the ability to have two VPS’ running via central storage- providing true high availability. Atum will also give customers the option for faster SAN storage as an ADD-ON increasing disk speed from 10,000 RPM to 15,000 RPM.

        Why Do I Need SAN?

        - SAN offers more effective disaster recovery processes than traditional storage.

        - SANs help to increase storage capacity utilization, since multiple servers consolidate their storage space onto the disk arrays.

        - A common use for SAN includes accesibility to data that requires high-speed block-level access to the hard drives such as email servers, databases, and high usage file servers.

        - Large networks may require more storage than a single server can offer, SAN is a cost-effective and reliable solution.

        If your company is starting to see some exponential growth, and you are looking for a storage soltuion… Atum’s SAN option may be exactly what you need! You shouldnt have to worry about ‘Too Much Growth’.

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