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        Take a look at this article in IT Business featuring the Green Party of BC’s & Atum’s story.

        B.C.’s Green Party hires Toronto-based green IT provider

        The Green Party of B.C. found a good fit in Toronto virtual private server provider Atum Corp. The IT provider hosts the party’s Web site and its CRM software on Canadian soil and has been recognized for its efforts to limit its environmental impact.

         There’s never a good time for your technology to fail, but Rebecca Helps still regrets that her database system crashed during the Green Party of British Columbia’s annual general meeting.

        The executive director of the provincial party had been relying on open-source CiviCRM, software designed for non-profit groups when it crashed in May. It also triggered a Web site crash as the database was tied to the Green Party’s online donation system. The party’s Web host was able to recover the site, but it crashed again two hours later. It had become unstable.

        “There’s nothing wrong with it [CiviCRM],” Helps says. “But for an organization our size having open source software without an IT team that could take care of it proved to be disastrous. So we decided to find a new system.”

        After touring some IT trade shows looking for a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution and not finding what she needed, Helps took her search to Google. That’s how the former business systems analyst connected with Toronto-based Atum Corp., a virtual private server provider.

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