Atum Hosting Report Card

        There are plenty of resources on the web that will help consumers determine the best from the worst, no matter WHAT they’re looking for! Consumers are never alone. There are endless opinions and reviews out there for any product and service.

        For example, you can go onto forums and ask peers about how ‘Product A’ compares to ‘Product B’ and you’ll get instant consumer reviews before taking the plunge! It’s a phenomenon that the internet and the emergence of social media has created.

        There are sites dedicated to providing reviews, editorials, directory services and industry resources that will help to guide consumers with objective advice and keep them well informed.

        The hosting industry has a few very large sites where you can read customer reviews before buying the product, read editorial from the industry experts, even assess the quality through ranking and reporting systems.

        We are proud to announce that Atum has been approved as a guaranteed host on the Find My Host Network, and has received straight A’s in the hosting report card for Support, Sales, Plan/Features and Usability. 

        The report card reviews metrics in these categories and determines a grade value based on an industry expert assessment.

        Atum received A’s in every category! Now THAT’S a report card worth putting on the fridge!

        If you’d like to see the online report card and read through the entire Atum review,  Click Here.

        You can interact and participate in the evaluation of our service, support and features by adding your OWN customer review! Go ahead, say a few words about your experience with our company – no report card is complete without a comments section.

        If you’re still considering your hosting options, use the resources at and contact our ‘Straight A’ sales team to discuss a VPS plan that’s perfectly customized to fit your requirements!

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