Are you prepared for these technology trends of 2011? (part 1)

        In an effort of staying ahead of the competition, take a look at these trends of 2011. Keep an eye out on these 5 trends and see how they can influence decision making in the coming year:

        Mobile applications are very useful but can be risky from the IT side of things. A poorly designed mobile application will have difficulty gaining user acceptance and the market is still not certain. New devices are constantly introduced and sometimes companies end up regretting their platform decisions. Tip: even though smart phones is an exciting platform for IT experimentation, before you base your IT strategy on them wait for validation.

        Go virtual
        Virtual computing services range from open public to closed private. Providers such as Atum offer packaged private virtual implementations that can be implemented inside the consumer’s enterprise. It’s a great alternative and has many advantages of traditional environments. The private cloud will dominate for the next while, especially with the larger companies who are risk averse and want to move into the cloud in smaller steps.

        Better service level agreement (SLA)
        As the experience bar is set high and customers expect more, IT departments need to develop an understanding that SLAs are more than just fine print. A good SLA outlines the way that your enterprise interacts with IT vendors and service providers. In 2011, the trend for improving customer satisfaction and comfort is present. This is for working towards improving the level and quality of support and service provided and know that if you do not provide your customer with an adequate SLA, they will look elsewhere.

        Better interfaces
        The solutions to simplify are all there and the choice is broad. In order to appear more attractive and remain competitive, we will see developers responding to users’ demands for applications that simply look better. Impressive graphics will compliment real transactional and businessfunctionality.

        Although video is not a new media form, it’s a trending IT type as it’s a rapidly evolving technology. Technology trends in digital photography, consumer electronics, the web, social software, unified communications, digital and Internet-based television and mobile computing are all reaching critical tipping points that bring video into the mainstream. It will soon become a commonplace content type and interaction model for most users. The prediction is also that by 2013, more than 25 percent of the content that workers see in a day will be dominated by pictures, video or audio. As part of the technology industry and moreover the hosting industry, we need to be prepared with the right tools to host the rich content.

        It’s important to keep tabs on emerging technologies to make sure you are investing in the right areas even if some areas are not relevant immediately. Stay tuned next week for the next 5 technology trends of 2011!

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