A Virtual Server Reinvention

        Every now and then, you come to a crossroad where you are forced to reinvent your business lest you hit a proverbial wall.

        You’re not the only one.

        Some of the biggest, most successful companies in the world are undergoing a huge reinvention in order to keep up with the changing market landscape. Think RIM. That’s probably the most obvious and news worthy example this week. Next week it’ll be someone else, and the week after etc.

        Every company, from the BIG guys, to the small business, have to go through periods of reinvention to be successful long term.

        Be proactive.

        Think of ways to start cutting costs, becoming more effective, and embracing new methods & technology. You have to keep up with ‘the times’. Go paperless, go wireless, adapt to new technology that will help you streamline your business and cut costs.

        Your mother, father, and grandparents can tell you about when they hired secretaries to ‘take dictation’, or when computers were ‘room sized’, or when file cabinets held every company’s most classified information.

        Business has changed (heck, it has probably changed in the past hour!) – what are you doing to keep up?

        Here’s a suggestion: Virtualization

        It’s the simple transition from a physical server environment, to a totally virtual solution. It cuts IT costs, it streamlines your business, it maximizes performance, it guarantees security and backup plans… it will give you a competitive edge instantly.

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