A Sneak-Preview of the Microsoft CRM December Updates

        Microsoft is kicking off the Holiday season with the announcement of a December 2012 Service Update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s not really a gift that you can ‘upwrap’, but it will bring you much joy and plenty of good cheer! Microsoft continues to bring new innovation and significant value in customer relationship management (CRM) software with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a productive and flexible CRM solution that enables dynamic businesses to transform the way you find, win and retain customers.

        Currently there are four major releases in planning and development… the gift that keeps on giving!  The next release is the December 2012 Service Update.

        Microsoft has released an official 2013 Roadmap for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – starting with a preview of the December Service Update. Feel like doing some Holiday reading? You can read and download the Preview HERE.


        The December 2012 Service update is a real Holiday treat, with exciting upgrades to 3 main areas of investment:

        • Applications
        • Experience
        • Platforms

        For example, Microsoft will introduce new capabilities in sales and service applications to drive successful sales and customer service effectiveness through pre-defined and configurable processes with enhanced collaborative selling. Process Definitions will allow for better case management, and give your sales and service teams better insights and guidance that will help to prioritize actions. Close deals faster, know more about your customers, prioritize the information in your CRM.

        The much anticipated integration of Skype and Yammer will  provide new capabilities that streamline and add social collaboration to the creation of important deliverables required during the sales cycle, such as proposals and presentations. The Yammer merge is a big deal for Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The December 2012 Service Update will deliver the first phase of integrating Yammer as the social layer for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

        “This new integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is just the first example of how you will see enhanced social experiences across Microsoft products and services,” David Sacks, Yammer founder and corporate vice-president of Microsoft’s Office Division.

        Here’s a fancy tree-topper-  The December 2012 Service Update provides the flexibility to consume Microsoft Dynamics CRM through multiple Web browsers on both Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers. This update showcases Microsoft interoperability with non-Microsoft platforms and alignment with industry standards to promote choice.

        The service update is scheduled to begin mid-month, and continue through January 2013. Now might be a perfect time for you to put Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your list, and check it out (twice?). Consider this your Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanza and News Years gift from Microsoft!


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