A Proud Canadian VPS Company

        July 1st is Canada Day – celebrating the past, present and the future of the ‘True North Strong and Free’. At Atum, we are 100% Canadian and 100% proud of it!

        As Canadians, we celebrate our unique identity on the world stage. Not simply because we are diverse and the beauty of our nation spans from the shores of the East coast to the Rockies of the West coast. Not just because we have ketchup chips, Nanaimo bars, Tim Hortons and milk in bags. Those are all great things, and all exclusive to our country, but here at Atum we also take pride in the quality a Canadian company can offer its clients worldwide.

        For example:  strict Canadian privacy laws. Our clients benefit from data privacy laws that are more stringent than most other countries, and in most cases, this is a huge advantage for our customers! Your data is safe and protected in the Great White North.

        Also, our datacentres and all of our staff are located in Toronto (“the good”) in a Tier 4 datacentre with all the bells and whistles. There are backups for every backup, there are Plans A-Z in place, the centre is bombproof, fireproof, blackout proof and retrofitted green. It is underground, has 2 power grids and has a 24 hour UPS backup, a backup generator, and is even on the list for military emergency fuel backup. Canadian quality at its finest!

        So yes, our staff indulges on Tim Hortons every afternoon – but that’s not what makes us Canadian and proud. It is the friendly level of service, the 24/7 personal support, the high quality of our datacentres and the strict protection we offer our clients around the world.

        Even if you aren’t Canadian – Celebrate with us! You can benefit from the pride in our Canadian quality.

        Happy Canada Day, July 1st and every day!

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