A Cool Server Solution for Summer

        Our IT team has said that the best place to be in the summer is not on a patio or at the cottage, but in the Data Center. It’s ‘Cooler’.

        What a geeky thing to say!

        But as usual, they are right.

        If your servers are hosted virtually or in a high level data center, they are better off than YOU this summer! They are sitting in a completely climate controlled environment, while you are sweating and burning up on your dock.

        Instead of taking a cool drink, or sitting under a tree for shade – data centers combat overheating with highly advanced cooling methods and systems in place. A simple AC unit in your server room is not the answer. Your servers can be permanently damaged by even the slightest amount of overheating and humidity. Can you risk it?

        Even if you DO have a cooling system in place, Summer is the season for the highest number of power outages as power/energy is being over-consumed at all hours of the day. It’s a much larger issue than having to reset the clocks. If you have a power outage your expensive AC solution will be rendered useless and your servers will start to overheat very quickly.

        Before you have a disaster due to heat this summer, look into other options for keeping your servers safe from heat stroke. You know your server closet isn’t cutting it, you can do better! Find a virtual solution that will remove your servers from an ineffective environment to a cool, 100% secure and weather proof data center.

        VPS makes it easy and affordable to make the switch! Your virtual dedicated resources (Virtual Private Server) are guaranteed to deliver premium performance, instant scalability and are hosted in the best data center ‘resort’ where your servers are safe from heat damage.

        Ask us how to make the switch!

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