8 Features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 That Can Improve Sales Productivity

        1. NEW Navigation Bar

        The traditional ribbon and left menu has now been replaced with a horizontal navigation bar. You can now create records in a single pane without any pop-ups helping you input data faster and more efficiently.

        2. Seamless Integration with Microsoft Outlook

        Emails, Contacts, Appointments, and Tasks can now be synchronized back into CRM as you choose. You now have the option to track emails and associate it with a CRM record. This way, everyone who has access to CRM and are working on a deal with you can see all the communication regarding this opportunity. Everyone will be well-informed and up-to-date.

        But that’s not all – You can also see your Pipeline, Revenue, Goals, and Sales Performance all within Outlook. You can quickly insert ready-to-go templates into your email for a faster response time and add as many templates as you need and tailor them to your business. The possibilities are endless!

        3. Guided Business Processes

        With business processes, each stage for working with a customer is clearly outlined. Steps to complete your work are easy to follow. You will naturally be guided to the next step of the process from Lead to Close. You will never have to wonder what to do next. There are out-of-the-box processes ready for you but they can also be customized specifically to match your business needs. This will significantly decrease staff training time and reduce errors and missing information.

        4. Edit Information Inline

        You can click or tap a field to update the information for a record right inline. Easily enter or change details such as: address, price, quantity, discount, etc. No need to flip to another screen and no distracting pop-ups.

        5. Enter Data “On-The-Fly” with QUICK CREATE

        This button is conveniently located at the top right corner. Now, you can create Activities (Tasks, Phone Calls, E-mails and Appointments), Accounts, Cases, Competitors, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities quickly without having to leave what you are currently working on.

        6. Real-Time Insight 

        Get real-time business intelligence through CRM’s reporting tools. You can easily see a clear and accurate preview of your sales pipeline, forecasts, buying patterns, and more. This will help you make fast, informed and timely decisions.

        7. Track Stakeholders for your Deals 

        Identify key players and how they influence your current opportunities. Knowing all the key decision makers behind a deal can help you better prepare for important meetings and conference calls.

        8. Records are saved automatically 

        When you’re editing a record within CRM, the system will automatically save any changes you make every 30 seconds or when you move on to another record. This Auto-save feature will save time and prevent you from losing any valuable information.

        Microsoft Dynamics CRM is truly a powerful system. If properly implemented, it can bring immense benefits to any business.

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