5 Questions to Help You Find the Best VPS Hosting

        If your business is ready to make the change to VPS hosting, you’ve already answered the easy question. That leaves the tougher question of: how do we find the best VPS hosting for our business requirements? One works for you this year, and in the future.

        With the popularity of VPS hosting on the rise, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. But, ultimately, your business needs the hosting solution that offers the best return for your investment. That system might not be the fastest or highest capacity, but it will be right for you.

        By answering some or all of the following questions, your business can get a better idea of exactly what would be your best VPS hosting option:

        1. Do you want managed of unmanaged VPS hosting? Managed hosting takes care of most of your server IT needs, including system monitoring, maintenance, firewall management, etc.. Unmanaged means you are responsible for just about everything, except the hardware. If you have reliable in-house IT resources, the unmanaged option can save you a lot of money. If you don’t want IT headaches, choose managed.
        2. What’s the guaranteed uptime offered by the VPS provider? You know how costly downtime can be. If you can’t be guaranteed 100% uptime, look elsewhere. But talk is cheap. Even if you find a company offering 100% uptime, ask deeper questions about their back-up infrastructure, and get testimonials from customers.
        3. What are the technical details? Again, the fastest or highest capacity might not be the best option, but you still need to know that the solution you choose will meet your needs. If you’re a data driven company, you might want to find an option with more storage capacity. If you have an ecommerce application, you might prefer higher speed
        4. Is the option scalable? Don’t forget, your business requirements change. The system that works well this year might not be suitable next year. This is one of the main reasons for choosing VPS hosting, so you don’t ever have to worry about being over- or under-capacity.
        5. What are the extras? Everything from the operating system you require to the security of your information, look for the “extra” services that will help you make your decision. VPS hosting is much more than just a server on a rack.

        You have any more questions about finding the best VPS hosting for your business, call Atum Corporation at 905-294-0454 or Contact Us.

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