5 (Good) Reasons Why Virtualization is the Model of the Future

        There is a lot of recent chatter about ‘cloud computing’ and ‘virtualization’ – but has anyone really sat down and explained how Virtualization will change your business model?

        Virtualization is the most cost-effective, energy efficient and scalable model for future business practices, and here 5 good reasons why!

        1. The Outsourcing Model -Keep it out of house!

        Gone are the days when companies will have to spend massive amounts of money storing and maintaining hardware and servers. It’s expensive to buy new hardware, make updates to old equipment and pay for resources to store and monitor them 24/7. The outsourcing model frees you and your business from downtime, out of date hardware and equipment overload! 

        2. The Green Model- Doing more with less.

        It’s that simple. VPS allows you to consolidate your servers, save energy/electricity and get rid of CO2 emitting machines in your office! Ask your VPS hosting company about their green initiatives – Atum stores data in a completely green data centre, and exclusively uses energy-efficient machines to provide a green solution for every client. 

        3. The Start up Model – Smart planning for the future.

        Many start-up companies go into the hole trying to build an infrastructure for their future. Staffing, overhead, hardware, software etc are all costs that can cripple a small business before they even get the chance to grow! Stats say that between 30-50% of all new businesses fail before the first 5 years. Virtualization will eliminate the need for costly, yet necessary, resources and also provide scalability for future growth. Atum will store, manage, and provide ongoing support customized to your business need, thus virtually eliminating the cost of an IT department!

        4. The Recession Model – A streamlined approach.
        Companies that have thrived during the recession, are those companies that have been able to do away with burdening costs. Taking the streamlined approach, such as building an international business from a basement, has been a successful model in the worst of economic times. Virtualization will allow for companies to be more efficient with less physical obstacles to their success.  

        5. The Internet Model – The Future of the Cloud.
        So much of our day-to-day life is dependent on the internet; buying, selling, doing business, communication, information – our world is very much ‘in the clouds’ (the internet). It makes sense then, that you can build your business securely and efficiently into the cloud. Do business from ANY location with the freedom of virtualization!

        How can your business benefit from virtualization? Read 1-5 again, and ask the team at Atum how we can help your virtual potential!

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