2012 Ernst & Young Nomination

        Congratulations to Atum Corporation CEO Jason Williams for his nomination for the 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

        Our company is proud to recognize the achievements of our leader, a serial entrepreneur in the Canadian technology industry for over a decade, building success from the ground up. Jason has been phenomenally successful in the past developing cutting edge technology and growing a niche market into BIG business. Atum Corporation has seen significant changes as the industry is in constant development and growth. Jason and his team lead the way, introducing new and emerging VPS and Virtualization technology to small –mid sized business as an alternative to a costly and often ineffective physical environment.  The technology is changing at a rapid pace, but Jason has his finger on the pulse and a team of highly dedicated and knowledgeable experts to help the business change on the fly.

        In the past year, Jason has built a company that is innovative from the IT department out. Innovation is part of the corporate fabric, which has inspired advancements totally unique and original to the company in a saturated market. The Managed Cloud Services division has grown and become one of the premier offerings and distinguishing factors of the Atum Virtualized Solution. Companies are given full access to 24/7 service and support, as well as the option for a complete managed solution that virtually eliminates the requirement for an IT department. CDN named Atum Corporation the Best Small Business Solution for 2011, and also named them the bronze winner for Best Mid-Market Solution 2011. Atum Corporation was also honoured with being a finalist for the Quest for Canada’s Smartest IT in 2010 and 2011. Atum Corporation is well on its way to becoming the premium brand for VPS hosting in Canada.

        The nomination is well deserved in recognition of a highly successful year as an exceptional leader, innovator and team builder for Atum Corporation.


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