12/21/2012 Prepping: Better to be Safe than Sorry!

        There are plenty of nay-sayers shrugging off the Mayan Calendar prediction that tomorrow is the last day on earth.

        We’ll find out if these prophetic mathematicians were right… tomorrow. 12/21/2012 used to be a date far into the future… easy to put off. Some have been ‘prepping’ for months, even years.Heck, the movie ’2012′ came out in 2009! I suppose if the prediction turns out to be right, those ‘preppers’ will have their “I told you so” Noah and the Arc moment.

        At the very least, this epic world-ending prediction teaches us to be prepared for any disaster. Whether it hits us with a 2000 year old Mayan wrath tomorrow, or on any old unassuming Monday morning. How prepared are YOU for a disaster, big or small?

        This list should help you evaluate your preparation:

        Server Backup -We have properly backed up all network devices and stored data, and have ensured that the network inventory data is up to date available to anyone in case of… sudden planet alignment signaling the end of the world.

        Safe house/bunker – We are satisfied with the level of protection our infrastructure and/or host is using to store our critical data. The data center is weather-proof, bomb-proof, and Mayan-disaster proof with redundancy measures in place and a total security and up-time guarantee.

        Tested – We have recently tested our plan for data recovery and backup in case of outage… or world-ending black hole situations.

        Disaster Recovery plan – We have a recovery process that can restore any network device in seconds, using a unified and reliable recovery process. This will be extra handy if you find yourself the last surviving human being on the planet… with a computer or smartphone.

        … See? Nothing to worry about. But you’re not scared…are you?

        How can Atum help you feel safe, rather than sorry?

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