100% Truly Dedicated Hosting

        Did you know…? An Atum Dedicated VPS plan comes with a full suite of DEDICATED guarantees and features! We’re putting the Dedicated in VPS with top-notch dedicated options that come with our VPS plans.

        First of all…You don’t ‘Share’ anything.

        When you host your business on a Dedicated Virtual Private Server, you are given your own virtual dedicated storage space to control, custom build and scale to fit your needs. Like your own house on the block, or apartment in the building. Use any Panel, and totally customize your VPS to host any and all of your important data without worrying about other users hogging or clogging the space.

        The SPACE is DEDICATED. It’s Yours.

        Not only that, Your SECURITY is DEDICATED.

        When you purchase a Managed plan, you are automatically placed behind a dedicated firewall policy and Private LAN. You control what comes in and what goes out, and our team will monitor your space for full protection. Each managed VPS is secured and controlled independently, so there is no risk of attacks or threats from other users.

        You get Dedicated SPACE, Dedicated SECURITY and also, Dedicated SERVICES.

        Tailor our service options to support your growing business. Don’t have an IT team? We do. And we’ll dedicate our resources virtually, so you don’t have to fill a desk. Need backups? No problem. Regular backups are included in a managed package. Firewalls, monitoring, patching, upgrades… hand it over. If you don’t have to think about it, you can focus on your core business.

        At Atum, Dedicated VPS means Dedicated…everything.

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