10 Things You Might Not Know You Can Do with Microsoft Dynamics GP


        Don’t blame the marketers. Their job is to point out the benefits of a product and try to get you interested in buying it. When it comes to marketing Dynamics GP, the product is so multi-featured, it’s impossible for Microsoft or their marketers to cover every aspect in the sort of detail you need to put it to work.

         Dynamics GP Consulting.  Dynamics GP capabilities become more far-reaching with every new release. Unless you have in-house Dynamics specialists, who are up-to-date on every aspect of every new version, it makes sense to talk to a GP consultant.

         Why it Makes Sense. Even if you have a deep understanding of an existing version of Dynamics GP, new releases often have features and functionality that may not be well documented, but that can result in significant productivity improvements.

        Just for fun, we’ve listed a few things below that even experienced Dynamics’ users may not know about.

        Did You Know Microsoft Dynamics GP Can…?

        1. Customize invoice formats for each customer
        2. Display BI dashboards on your homepage when you log in
        3. Provide Excel reporting
        4. Manage multiple currencies
        5. Analyze your business
        6. Allow web-only access to GP reports
        7. Provide BI for non-GP users
        8. Give reminders for business alerts
        9. Outline workflows and get approvals for key processes
        10. Deliver documents by email

         Whether you know some or all of the above features and functions is not really that important. They’re a small snippet.

         If you’re an experienced Dynamics GP user, chances are you’re getting everything you need from the product and somewhat more. But how do you know you’re not missing anything?

         If you’re not an expert, chances are your business spends more money than it should on processes and functions that Dynamics GP can either do or do more efficiently. You use more resources than you think on inefficiencies and the services of a Dynamics GP consultant will actually save you money.

         Contact us today to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you improve efficiency and productivity in your business!

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